The PSE Series Con-Pak enclosure is designed for quick assembly and easy access for

maintenance and repair.   Constructed of G90U Galvanized material, the PSE provides

long-lasting, reliable protection.  All Con-Pak enclosures can be custom fabricated in

Stainless Steel or Aluminum.  Powder coating is another popular option

for installations that require the enclosure to blend into its surroundings.

PSE Series Enclosure

  • Galvanized Steel Base
  • 20 Ga. Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Hinged Access for Easier Servicing
  • Wind Safety Latch
  • Shipped Knocked Down for Convenient Warehousing
  • Easily Assembled in the Shop or on the Job
  • All Front Louvers are at a 45 degree Angle
  • Rain Trough Under Hinge to Catch Moisture
  • Condenser Screen Protected with High Temp, Baked-on, Clear Lacquer Coating
  • All Necessary Fasteners Provided

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PSE Series Enclosure Shown Open

Designed and developed in 1973, RDM Products was the first to offer pre-fabricated protective hoods for outdoor condensing units.  The PSE Series is available in 10 sizes.  Need an enclosure in stainless steel or powder-coated?  Call us for a custom quote today.

Special Kits & Options

DescriptionPurpose Other Data
Base Height Extension KitIdeal for locations prone to
drifting snow
Standard Sizes:
4", 6", 8"
Other sizes by request
PSE-41-RSHeavy Duty Rack SystemLower Level Usable Space:

70" x 41-1/2" x 18.5"
Upper Level Usable Space

74" x 39" x 19"
Cabinet Extension KitExtends Cabinet by 6"
For use with P/N PSE-241D

PSE-24-CE-8Cabinet Extension KitExtends Cabinet by 8"
For use with P/N PSE-241D

PSE-31-CXK-001Cabinet Extension KitExtends Cabinet by 5"
For use with P/N PSE-311D

PSE-33-CXK-001Cabinet Extension KitExtends Cabinet by 4"
For use with P/N PSE-331D


Specialty Enclosures

Multi-Condenser Cabinet Diagram

Multi-Condenser Cabinet

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